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German Women Tired of Muslim Radicals Invading Her Country & Culture.

I’d be pissed too. This is another example of people being too scared to speak out and express how they feel in fear of being shamed and labeled as hateful by social justice warriors who think their extreme progressive ideology is the only allowable viewpoint. [arve src=”″ width=”100%” /]

Teen says EMT attacked him in back of ambulance

DON’T BRING THE STREETZ TO WORK By. Paco Mack the Rational Citizen I mean, yeah, the little asshole spit on her.  But this is clearly a mentally disabled, troubled teen.  Therefore he’s a patient, and this is exactly the type of stuff that comes along with being an EMT. Is this lady for real? TooContinue reading “Teen says EMT attacked him in back of ambulance”

Bikers Stop Protesters at Marines Funeral. The Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest a Marine’s funeral. When word of this leaked out, a group of unexpected guests decided to show up and teach them a lesson. Marine Cpl. Richard Bennett’s life was cut short in Iraq when he died in a helicopter crash. The tragic accident took the Marine’s lifeContinue reading “Bikers Stop Protesters at Marines Funeral.”

Here’s why Socialism Sucks Shit.

I know that young people can get suckered into believing in flawed ideology, especially when in college.  Once hitting the age of 24ish you realize that concepts like socialism and any kind of wealth distribution, in general, are seriously the stupidest ideas ever.  Their envy and perceived injustice towards the existence of “the 1%” asContinue reading “Here’s why Socialism Sucks Shit.”

You’ve Been Lied To… Wake Up!! |

I did not write this or make this video.  I do not believe that the earth is flat.  It’s crazy that I have to clarify that in this day and age. Yo Im going to upset a lot of people not because Im nasty mean but the earths flat !!! The reason people hate theContinue reading “You’ve Been Lied To… Wake Up!! |”

NASA Labels Picture From Mars As An Alien Fossil.

Not sure why NASA would ever mistakenly tag one of their pictures of Mars as an extraterrestrial fossil. It suggests that this image is in fact what it’s labeled as an someone in charge of the website fucked up and leaked this image. It wouldn’t be the first time NASA uploaded a image meant toContinue reading “NASA Labels Picture From Mars As An Alien Fossil.”