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Latino Comedian Nails Immigration Issue

DEMS WISH FOR ALL OUT ANARCHY.  SOCIALISM; Just saying the word makes me shudder.   [arve url=”″ /]   We already have a huge issue with immigrants crossing the border illegally. If we relent on enforcing the laws then we will end up like Sweden.  If a country just opens up its borders to everyone,Continue reading “Latino Comedian Nails Immigration Issue”

South American Penguin Spends 1/2 It’s Time In The Wild

Penguins are crazy. A lot of animals that become domesticated like that would never leave the comfort of the care of humans. But this Penguin still wanted to be a wild Penguin half of the time and go off and breed and chill with his own kind. Spending the summer months presumably off the coastContinue reading “South American Penguin Spends 1/2 It’s Time In The Wild”

SCARY: Shaquille O’Neal Completely Frozen Caught in MK-Ultra Trance on Live TV

He isn’t just frozen for a few moments here. He stays like that for a chilling span of minutes, not just a few seconds. Watching this segment really perturbed me. This is very very disturbing to say the least. This is not some incidental lapse in attention, or just someone zoning out. Shaq was straightContinue reading “SCARY: Shaquille O’Neal Completely Frozen Caught in MK-Ultra Trance on Live TV”

This is How Cops Abuse Citizens Daily

I try my best to show people that cops don’t target minorities.  However we still apparently have incidents like this in racist places like Minnesota.  There is no crime of any sort commited here and no cause to arrest this guy. [arve url=”″ /] Another cop power tripping in public.  They just can’t handle itContinue reading “This is How Cops Abuse Citizens Daily”