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Here’s why Socialism Sucks Shit.

I know that young people can get suckered into believing in flawed ideology, especially when in college.  Once hitting the age of 24ish you realize that concepts like socialism and any kind of wealth distribution, in general, are seriously the stupidest ideas ever.  Their envy and perceived injustice towards the existence of “the 1%” as they refer to them, lead them to decide they are entitled to take their money away.
All the affluence and luxuries in American society that they take for granted on a daily basis are the result of an open competition based capitalist economy.  For whatever reason, they seem to think that all the industry and consumer products and merchandise that they enjoy and expect would all exist without capitalism.  They think we can all agree to share everything we have and still expect the same effort and drive from people to participate in and develop the economy like entrepreneurs in a free market world.
The bottom line is that our world would be a steaming pile of shit under socialism.  No one would create anything and people would just sit around and do as little as possible.

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