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Teen says EMT attacked him in back of ambulance

VIDEO: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong “EMT Beats 17 Year Old Kids’ Ass For Spitting On Him”…EMT went ghetto on that boy.


By. Paco Mack the Rational Citizen
I mean, yeah, the little asshole spit on her.  But this is clearly a mentally disabled, troubled teen.  Therefore he’s a patient, and this is exactly the type of stuff that comes along with being an EMT.
Is this lady for real? Too often these hood bitches are always trying to “keep it real”, and something like “getting spit on” by a patient, when your a paramedic, is just too disrespectful for them to tolerate.
You guys (e.g. anyone from the streets, black/white/latino) have to start acting right in public and when at work.  I know that when your out on the streets you have to check anyone that disrespects you or else you can’t walk around there anymore.  But those rules can’t be dragged into your professional environment while at work.
Now she’s thrown away a career as an EMT just so she could check some kid who spit on her.  She was fired from “American Medical Response”, and the notoriety of this incident will not make her re-employment very easy.  A classic case of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”.

VIDEO: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong “CHAPPELLE’S SHOW©”

“Get your hands out my mother fucking face. fuck that shit-Thug Life!  Woof, Woof!




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