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Chicago Cop Who Shot Unarmed Teen 16 Times As He Lay Lifeless Is Convicted Of Murder!

Wowzers. You never see these pigs actually get charged and then subsequently convicted of these murders that they commit while on duty. That’s what these incidents often are. Straight up 1st degree murder with no justification.

SMH….Floridabama Cast Member Cries Like A Bitch Because He Thinks He’s Having Sex With Too Many Girls

eFloridabama Cast Member Gives Cringiest, Douchiest Meltdown On Camera I’ve Ever Seen on December 27, 2018 I mean, WTF did I just watch.  It’s the year 2018, and to watch this kid fucking weeping to his hot roommate, in what boiled down to emotional dumpsterfire about his nonsensical insecurities about being perceived as a “manslut”.  WithContinue reading “SMH….Floridabama Cast Member Cries Like A Bitch Because He Thinks He’s Having Sex With Too Many Girls”

These radical leftist Millennials have completely lost it.

In the words of Eminem’s daughter, “I think my country’s gone crazy”. This is what our liberal college professors have turned into. Complete maniacs. We need to start standing up to these radical maniacs who are forcing their extreme liberal views upon a society unwilling to allow American culture to be disparaged and defiled.

Crow Salutes Putin As They Walk By Each Other.

This was a combination of funny and scary at the same time. It’s really really, for realz, looks like that crow literally salutes him as he walks by. And the scariest part is that Putin looks over to acknowledge it as if the bird was an old friend of his from his days back atContinue reading “Crow Salutes Putin As They Walk By Each Other.”

Trump Sees Winning Hand As Critics See Presidency Spiraling

As a staunch Trump supporter throughout these past two years, I find myself for the first time sharply disappointed with the president’s recent decision making. Most notably the reports that he berated the interim Attorney General for not taking whatever insane swift action against the Mueller campaign that Trump was apparently toying with the ideaContinue reading “Trump Sees Winning Hand As Critics See Presidency Spiraling”

Kanye West Getting “Lied On” Hard By The Spiteful Liby Press

That’s the reason why the world won’t let me go, cause I’m a family member,” West said. “They might disagree with me on certain s**t, but I’m they family. I been here for 15 years, 18 years. Ever since Kanye West betrayed the left, his self-proclaimed black overlords, like super-corrupt California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, haveContinue reading “Kanye West Getting “Lied On” Hard By The Spiteful Liby Press”