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CT State Troopers Caught on Cam Talking About Best Way To Frame Dudes

I’ve been looking for this clip for a while.  It’s great to have caught these pigs directly on audio talking out how they break the law to put crimes on people that they illegally stop, search and harass. [arve url=”″ thumbnail=”4647″ /]

CNN Tries To Shame & Bully Border Patrol Agent & Gets Dose of REALITY

The illegal crossing journey consists of: 12 year old girls raped regularly during trip(carry plan b) and imposter families used to traffic young children for sex work, just for 2 examples of the human rights disaster it is[arve url=”″ /] How can people really claim that we shouldn’t be cracking down on what is anContinue reading “CNN Tries To Shame & Bully Border Patrol Agent & Gets Dose of REALITY”

Strange Bugs Discovered. Competely New Species or Alien Creature? Its Choreographed Movements Look Like Digital Coding or Glyphs of Some Sort.

WTF is going on here? New bugs are discovered all the time in the Rainforests of the world. But this species is nuts. Its as if these things are all controlled from a central computer. Scary as fuck. Were they sent down to earth as drone spys from some other hostile species? [rve src=”″ /]

Rep.Jim Jordan Roasts Rod Rosenstein & Mueller

Representative Jim Jordan tears deep into Rod Rosenstein for explanations regarding the salacious texts sent from key figures within the DOJ, responsible for the Hillary and Russia investigations. Texts that proclaimed that Trump would be stopped before becoming president. These F.B.I. agents have to go to jail. They were so confident that Hillary was goingContinue reading “Rep.Jim Jordan Roasts Rod Rosenstein & Mueller”

Fact: Trump not only was helping black communities but he was calling for government to help cities like harlem…70’s Trump Footage

[arve url=”″ thumbnail=”4768″ /]

Analysis of the Same Raw Data From the Right vs Left. How do we ever know who is “correct” anymore.

We have a video segment of Ben Shapiro reading off accurate and factual data from the F.B.I. While we also have an interpretation of this same data the F.B.I. used by VOX, to reach very different conclusions. Police shootings and brutality in the US: 9 things you should know //