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Creepy Alien Aside Extraterrestrial Being: Real Authentic Picture of Alien? Unknown Origin


No idea as to the authenticity of this picture, sorry for all the keywords/metatags I threw in the title. 

Source and provenance of this photo have been lost. I remember seeing this photo posted on some random site or forum and I could not download the original. jpeg file for some reason so I quickly grabbed a "smart select" screen grab on my Note 8. 

I wanted to properly cite the image source before posting this so I did a reverse image search but could not find the original picture anywhere. Maybe it was quickly removed like many other of the famous "real alien" photos that mysteriously appear on 4chan and other sites/forums. I am sure plenty more of these instances have occured in relative abundance on the dark net. I couldn't tell you since I stay far far away from from the frightening darkness of that place. The dark net is not cool, it's just pure evil. The few times I ever accidentally stumbled into a darknet portal of some sort, I have quickyl exited, feeling as though my soul had been briefly defiled for what I had witnessed. It happened a few times back in the 90's while on AOL during the conception years of the net. And maybe only one other time during the internets' modern era. I make sure to stay far away, hence why I may not stumble upon as many of these paranormal photos as might other bloggers. 

Got a bit sidetracked with my thoughts there. 

This pic looks damn real. It has a curious effect on you of uneasiness when you see it. It's face and glare just make you feel a certain way. A way that makes you feel as though you are looking at a real, breathing creature/humanoid. Think what you will. This is the kind of stuff I like putting up on my blog. Preventing the forces at be from censoring whatever they please. Fuck em.

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