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SpaceX Cancels Moon Mission

SpaceX Delays Sending People To The Moon Due To Extraterr… Um… ‘Technical Challenges’

Source: SpaceX Delays Sending People To The Moon Due To Extraterr… Um… ‘Technical Challenges’

SpaceX announces delays to Moon tourism project.

Representatives from SpaceX have announced that the company has been forced to delay its plans to send private customers into orbit around the moon.

In February of last year, the company, which is helmed by Elon Musk, announced that they would be offering a trip to the orbit of the moon to two private customers in 2018. The company explained that the tourists would be allowed to fly on the Dragon Crew spacecraft which would be launched by the famous SpaceX ‘Big F****ing Rocket’ (BFR). Speaking to journalists, Elon Musk said that the spacecraft would skim across the surface of the moon before venturing into the cusp of deep space before returning home.

SpaceX’s Big F*****ing Rocket (BFR)
Bfr Rocket Spacex Mars Transportation Infrastructure
At the time of the announcement, it was remarked upon that the timeframe seemed very ambitious. This murmurings by experts proved to be correct as the company has now announced that they will not be able to send the tourists into space this year. Spokespeople from the company have confirmed that they are aiming to carry out the mission in the middle of 2019 although due to technical difficulties and problems with production, it may actually be at a later date that.

Spacex Bfr Rocket Mars Transportation Infrastructure Port Of Los Angeles
It has been noted that this kind of announcement has become rather typical when it comes to the many companies helmed by the South African billionaire. Critics have pointed out that Musk is making something of a habit of announcing impressive and ambitious timeframes for various big projects which are simply not being met.

The company is also facing queries regarding the practicality of its flagship Falcon Heavy rocket which was launched for the very first time earlier this year. The rocket was the most powerful of its kind to leave the Earth’s orbit since the Apollo missions and so its launch, and the various technical problems which beset the team working on the project received widespread media scrutiny and scrutiny from industry experts.

But we all know what the real reason for this delay is, don’t we?

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