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Cops are always dying for an excuse to be allowed to blast a piece of lead into another human beings flesh.

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This man was clearly suffering from severe mental illness which didn’t help the situation.  However, there was still no reason for the police needing to squeeze off rounds from a gun to difuse this man.
Despite the fact that this pack of pigs had the man in front of them, and outnumbered him, which should have easily allowed for them to be able to tase, or otherwise subdue him, they still somehow determined it was neccessary to fill the man up with bullets.  I guess they thought their lives were in danger from a fucking screwdriver.
Sighhh….So yet another case where it’s soooo blatantly evident that no kind of deadly force was even remotely necessary.  The officers were able to do enough mental gymnastics to contort their reasoning to a point to where they felt they had ample justification to take this man’s life.
People can step up and defend police officers all they want, but the following statement is a sad reality.  A large portion of the police force have a constant craving to be presented with an opportunity where the rules of engagement allow for them to use deadly force.  They are not using any of restraint or perceive the use of deadly force as a “last resort”, that they dread the thought of.  They go bed at night hoping the next day they may be allowed to discharge their service weapon onto another human being.
This is one of the reasons that I reject the notion that the police only target blacks when “resorting” to deadly force.  When cops are in the “Am I allowed to shoot now?”-mode, the color of the skin of the assailant is inconsequential to them.  As long as they are allowed to discharge that hot piece of metal into another living human beings flesh, they are perfectly satisfied.  Hence why statistics show that in fact more white males are the victims of police shootings than blacks.
This statistic is somewhat surprising to me being that I do believe that police to target minorities more often for pety harrassment related arrests.  These pety harrassments often result in an escalation of tempers, leading the officer to “fear for their life” and shoot the suspect.   And as far as profiling the drivers of vehicles to pull over, its blatantly obvious that black men are targeted most often.  In my suburban Connecticut town, a black make wouldn’t make it a half mile driving around town before getting pulled over, being that very very few backs reside there.
The point being is that cops love to have a reason to pull the trigger.  And while they tend to harass minorities more, when it comes to deciding who to shoot, they are happy to light up any person of any ethnicity.  They live for it.  They love that shit.  This is another case of excessive force, where tasers, butons, and simply outnumbering the suspect would have been suffcient in supressing him.  They however chose to blast away, yet again.

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