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Vegas Shooter on Ground. Clear As Day.

Heres that same clip that I’ve featured previously. This time from a different user/source. The footage is clear as day. However people’s instincts to cling onto the mainstream media’s narrative and explanation is so strong, that reason gets thrown out the window. One response I got when showing this footage to someone was that, “it’sContinue reading “Vegas Shooter on Ground. Clear As Day.”

Precedent Set: Man Found NOT GUILTY For Shooting 3 Cops During No-Knock Raid In Texas

Yessss!!! Jury verdicts like this are soooooo satisfying for an everday U.S. citizen who is just trying to protect themselves, their family and their property. No-knock raids are the dumbest most violating practice and should never be carried out on anyone ever.

Unbelievable F.B.I. Misconduct To Sabotage Trump

THE F.B.I. HAS BEEN EXPOSED FOR ABUSING ITS POWER FOR YEARS & NEEDS TO BE TORN APART. [arve url=”″ thumbnail=”3265″ /] By. Paco Mack the Rational Citizen We just can’t just ignore the criminality associated with members of a political party using the power of the executive branch and the Department of Justice to undermineContinue reading “Unbelievable F.B.I. Misconduct To Sabotage Trump”

Great New Rule! Michigan Welfare Recipients Lose Benefits If Child Isn’t Attending School.

YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL! NON-NEGOTIABLE! It is unreal that there are so many people that are up in arms over this new law.  If the absence’s are excused, then the families have nothing to worry about.  This just means that no longer are they allowed to scam the system and just breed kidsContinue reading “Great New Rule! Michigan Welfare Recipients Lose Benefits If Child Isn’t Attending School.”