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Strange Wolf Creature Killed In Montana

Authorities from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department were called to a property two weeks ago after a local landowner of the small town of Denton reported what he suspected to be a wolf prowling around the edges of his land close to his livestock. �Direwolves� In Montana? Images of a�

Listen to the police radio chatter & statements by students during Florida shooting.

[arve url=”″ thumbnail=”3205″ /] This is all really unsettling and disturbing to watch and hear as it unfolds.  I guess what actually transpired is unimportant to the media since their official narrative of this incident completely contradicts what the 911 callers, police dispatcher, and student’s being interviewed after- the- fact described.  Sighhhh….

Greedy Fat Fuck Called Police on Buffet That Was Forced To Cut Him Off

WHAT A DISGUSTING AND VILE PEDOFILE-ASS-LOOKING SLOB…VIDEO BELOW They were having a fish-fry buffet special at this restaurant, and this man had eaten so many fillet pieces at this point (12), that they had to politely ask him to stop so they would not run out of the specialized fresh fish fillets they were featuring.Continue reading “Greedy Fat Fuck Called Police on Buffet That Was Forced To Cut Him Off”