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McCabe’s Bombshell Confession High Level Obama Official Ordered Me To Shutdown Clinton Investigation

Unfortunately Obama can do nothing wrong. But he’s out of the White House now, so talking about him shouldn’t be that important, however it constantly needs to be brought up to combat erroneous accusations made against Trump. [KGVID][/KGVID]

The Archie Bunker Was So Obnoxious & Vile. This Clip Was Shocking.

Jesus Archie.  The network would literally be sued for hate speech if anything like this was aired today.   I guess the language is one thing. But the show is just very loud and “screechy” and hard to handle. Wait until the tail end of the clip, when he talks about the “first, or ‘firwest’ fags”.Continue reading “The Archie Bunker Was So Obnoxious & Vile. This Clip Was Shocking.”