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Slave Auction in Libya. Muslims are the Only Modern Peoples who still engage in the Slave Trade. Not Figuratively, Quite Literally.

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Liberals get so upset when anyone dares to point out many of the disgusting cultural practices of Islamic peoples.  From honor killings to slavery, their exists a widespread lack of humanity in Islamic culture.
Slavery is a practice that the rest of the world eliminated many hundreds of years ago.  Yet shockingly we still see slavery alive and well in many middle eastern countries.  Most prominently in places like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar, Yemen and of course many others in varying degrees of severity.
Progressives, Liberals and Democrats need to think long and hard about what groups of people they should be expending their efforts on defending so vigorously.   They need to stop wasting it on Islamic culture.  They are animals and their ideal world involves the genocide of all non Arab peoples.

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