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Man hangs himself in jail after police allegedly arrested him for traffic ticket he had paid, hide $50 bail option & let cellmate frame him for crack baggie.


It's all too common to run into lazy ass employees at any random establishment who don't feel like doing their job.  This may result in your time being wasted, and the plans for your day being inconvenienced.  However, if you happen to work for the justice department, or in a corrections facility, your ineptitude at your job can have serious repercussions for the people at the mercy of those enforcing their confinement.  In this case, the incompetence of these individuals responsible for running the jailhouse and processing the legal paperwork associated with this man's minor infraction made them all complicit in his death by hanging.


This is a classic case of underhanded justice being unjustly dolled out behind the scenes by law enforcement officers by falsely pinning charges on suspects they believe to be guilty of something.  This is what happened in the O.J. case and was one of the reasons he was acquitted.  There was plenty of legitimate evidence against O.J. they had to use, however Mark Furman apparently decided to plant additional blood splatter evidence at the scene to pump up the incriminating evidence available to the prosecution.  O.J.'s elite force of defense attorneys were able to uncover these fraudulent pieces of evidence and ended up burning the prosecution's credibility to ashes as far as the jury was concerned.

Getting back to this case.  This guy had just been accused of threatening to kill his doctor after an appointment for refusing to refill his cough syrup prescription (Promethazine, also known as "LEAN" on the streets).  The doctor most likely was accusing the man of abusing this medication since it was so widely used and abused for recreation.  The man caused a huge disruption from his death threats, that the office ended up calling the cops to the scene.  The cops arrived and decided not to charge this man with any crime, and told him he was free to leave.  Yet they followed him from the parking lot and pulled him over shortly after, then erroneously arrested him for a non-existent warrant for failing to pay a traffic ticket.

Once he arrived in the jail, the officers must have decided that they needed to take the role as judge and jury for this man, so they had him charged with drug possession while he was locked up to make up for their inability to be able to charge him with any crimes for the alleged death threats he made at the doctors office.  These police and corrections officers were well aware that there was no way this drug baggie found next to him in his cell could have possibly been his.

The fact that jail officials allowed this man to be blatantly and obviously wrongly blamed for the contraband belonging to his cellmate is simply outrageous. If you are a corrections officer in this facility, you should have a basic understanding of the context and background of each inmates situation and alleged crimes. If you know that this guy is stuck in lockup because of a technicality relating to a ticket. While his cellmate is in there for an actual serious crime. This cellmate had already been in lockup for a period of time and had been integrated into the jail's population. Then you should be able to make the judgment call that there is no way that these drugs found in their cell could possibly belong to this man who is supposed to be getting out imminently. However, these jail employees decided to be blank-minded, useless lazy state workers, and pinned the contraband on clearly what was an innocent man who should have never been in that cell in the first place. This set into motion what ended up as a series of disastrous and unlucky circumstances that triggered this man to kill himself.

If this case doesn't have lawsuit written all over it, I don't know what does.

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