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Adam Schiff is a Bitch And Was Just OWNED By Trey Gowdy

Political tensions are the highest they ever have been. Especially with politicians on the left like Representative Maxine Waters who encourages people to harass and hurt Trump administration officials. But now it is Representative Trey Gowdy and Representative Adam Schiff that are going head to head. While Gowdy is ordinarily a class act who doesContinue reading “Adam Schiff is a Bitch And Was Just OWNED By Trey Gowdy”

CALIFORNIA LOVE “California… super cool for the homeless…Califor-na-ya…its for the home-less”

“CALIFORNIA LOVE” by Tupac Shakur, remixed by Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh & Kyle Broflofski.  DEATH ROW RECORDS Also Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. All desert areas with zero rainfall and consistent warm temperatures all year long. These are the conditions needed for the homeless species to survive. Never walk down into a floodContinue reading “CALIFORNIA LOVE “California… super cool for the homeless…Califor-na-ya…its for the home-less””

Terrifying Disappearances in Our U.S. National Parks

TRUE UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF UNEXPLAINABLE VANISHINGS Smokey Mountains & Yosemite are messed up places.  No one ever talks about the enormity of the clusters of disappearances. [arve src =”” /]

More INSANE Legislation From California

States like California now think that Jesus Christ needs to be banned.  The country and the world are seeing the moral foundry of society swirling down the toilet. [arve src=”” /]

Another idiot Asian lady mistaking the gas pedal for the brakes!

TAKE HER LICENSE AWAY IMMEDIATELY!    If you can’t distinguish the gas pedal from the brake pedal then you are far too dangerous to be allowed to operate a motor vehicle in the vicinity of other human beings. [arve src=”″ /]