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7D Insane Hologram Show In Stadium

[arve src=”” /] Light manipulation technology has been around much longer than we realize.  This tech is used to guide stealth air craft and in the military and create artificial demonstrations towards a target to deceive and destroy the enemy.  This technology was used in some kind of capacity in lower Manhattan during 9/11.   Continue reading “7D Insane Hologram Show In Stadium”

Black Liberal vs. Black Conservative: Maxine Waters Behavior

EVEN CHUCK SCHUMER HAS HAD ENOUGH OF “MAD MAXINE” Right-Click to Download Clip – blackvsblack_dvd.mp4 When will the Democrats become interested in actually creating real policy? The new standard practice of the left in Washington consists of searching for uncomfortable topics, like the separation of children from their parents after illegal border crossings, and thenContinue reading “Black Liberal vs. Black Conservative: Maxine Waters Behavior”