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Late Term Abortion Survivor Testifies Before Congress. Mom Tried to Kill her but It Didn’t Work.

Medical Record States: Born Alive During Saline Abortion. Mother was (7.5 months pregnant)

Why are pro-choice activists so incensed when people dare to try tell them that the fetus living inside them actually has rights and does not deserve to be drowned in saline, stabbed in their spinal stem or have their skull crushed by an abortion doctor all because they feel they are entitled to do anything they want within the confines of their physical skeletal structure.

Late term abortions, even early-ish term abortions are straight disgusting unless absolutely necessary.  Now, when it comes to contraception, even including “morning/weeks after” pills, I’m all for it.  Any and every kind in existence should be made available to anyone who wants it, for super cheap, if not free.  The fact that radical conservatives actually advocate for the ban of birth control is just insane.  But the point here is that blindly supporting the right for women to do anything they want to the fetuses living inside them is just disgusting. 

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