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Really Really Evil Group Of Women

These are some of the more prominent shills for today’s authoritarian progressive movement. On the far left, in the burka, we have the notorious Linda Sarsour. She is a big fan of Sharia Law and wants to be able to implement it in as many places as possible. Superseding any native laws, allowing for unspeakable violence to be perpetrated against women, unchecked. She’s come right out and stated that she thinks it’s perfectly fine for a man to beat his wife/wives if it’s determined to be appropriate. Deemed so based upon Muhammed’s guidelines of course.

She is a big proponent of a variety of terror organizations like Hezbollah as well. 

These 4 disgusting women contributed their fair share of shrieking and yelling during the numerous outbursts that disrupted the days hearing on Capitol Hill. Hearings on conservative Supreme Court nominee Bret Cavanaugh.


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