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Really Really Evil Group Of Women

These are some of the more prominent shills for today’s authoritarian progressive movement. On the far left, in the burka, we have the notorious Linda Sarsour. She is a big fan of Sharia Law and wants to be able to implement it in as many places as possible. Superseding any native laws, allowing for unspeakableContinue reading “Really Really Evil Group Of Women”

Tommy Robinson Was Right

THE ISLAMIZATION OF EUROPE I am so very grateful that we’re faced with only Latino immigrants in America, not these brutally savage Islamic extremists that have overrun Europe. SWEDEN HAS FALLEN.  Poisonous, hateful and destructive Muslim culture is the new norm in Sweden. Syrian, Sudanese, Afghani and countless other refugee producing countries in the MiddleContinue reading “Tommy Robinson Was Right”

Muslim’s Have Proven That Co-Existing With Anyone Else On Earth Is Impossible

MUSLIMS LIVING WITH OTHER HUMANS= BIG PROBLEM HERE ARE THE VARIOUS COMBINATIONS OF RELIGIOUS CULTURES WHO ARE ABLE TO CO-EXIST IN PEACE Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem Hindus living with Christians = No Problem Hindus living with Jews = No Problem Christians living with Shintos = No Problem Shintos living with Confucians =Continue reading “Muslim’s Have Proven That Co-Existing With Anyone Else On Earth Is Impossible”

Fact: Trump not only was helping black communities but he was calling for government to help cities like harlem…70’s Trump Footage

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