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1,900 Aircraft Used As Kamikaze’s In a Single Day at Battle in Okinawa

Apocalyptic Battles With The Japanese Naval War Machine
The Japanese Navy hit 169 American ships, sinking 26 Battleships, Destroyers, Cruisers and other heavily armored warships. Okinawa was the single largest naval engagement in human history.


The Japanese Navy at the time was considered to be invincible. No one besides the U.S. then or since has had such a large and powerful Navy. At one point they had 4 aircraft carriers. As of today, the United States is the only nation that owns more than 1 aircraft carrier, with 11 active carriers and 4 currently under construction. Those 4 Japanese aircraft carriers were devastatingly powerful weapons for Imperial Japan. The U.S. Navy paid a tremendous price setting out to destroy those Japanese supercarriers. The same carriers that the attack on Pearl Harbor was launched from.
I don’t think enough people truly appreciate just how apocalyptic the war in the Pacific theater was. Most notably the the epic fighting that raged on the naval battlefield.
When you first bring up WW2, everyone tends thinks of the war in Europe, the Nazis and the “Western Front”. But Imperial Japan had built up an extraordinary arsenal of naval assets and warplanes by 1940 while their ground forces were butchering their way through south Asia while ceasing control of major cities in China, The Philippines and Indochina.
Japan also had very skillfuly trained, highly educated, experienced and truly brilliant commanders at the helm of their air force and navy. This made the prospect of facing down and trying to destroy this behemoth of a war machine a task more daunting than ever.
This clip above explains how the Japanese had deployed and sacrificed 1,900 fighter aircraft to be used in Kamikaze missions in just one day, in one battle in Okinawa!!! That will give you an idea of the size of their air force and the industrial capability that Japan possessed in order to have been able to supply their military with so many modern machines of war.

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