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Crazy Racist Black Student Employee Harrasses Another Student For Being White & Wearing Dreadlocks.

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All I wanted to do was power punch this girl through the front of her skull and drag her by her bloodied face up those stairs and toss her in the dumpster out in the parking lot. The nasty intolerant attitude this girl shows is all too common across today’s collegiate landscape. The only words or phrases this girl was ever taught were white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchial and colonialism. I bet she can’t even enunciate most of them correctly.

The most infuriating part of the clip was when she reached out and grabbed onto the kids shirt and yanked him backwards towards her so she could continue to lambaste him, only to scold and threaten him further, stating:

“you don’t put your hands on me”

When she was the one putting hands all over the kid as she said this! He was the one walking away not being physical or…

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