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Manafort’s case proves ‘the swamp’ — not collusion — exists0

The judge who oversaw this preliminary hearing went out of his way to reprimand the Mueller team for presenting evidence for charging Manaford, that was shoddy at best and at worst straight-up fraudulent and fabricated. [arve src=”” aspect_ratio=”2:30″ /]

Despicable Congresswomen Attempts To Get Diamond & Silk To Commit Perjury.

THIS CONGRESSWOMAN ISN’T ONLY STILL STUCK ON THE PLANTATION. SHE’S ONE OF THE ONES WHO HANDS HER DEM MASTERS THE WHIP TO LASH BLACK REPUBLICANS This is a congresswoman conducting herself like a vile, haggard partisan hack. Treating these two black American citizens as defendants being cross examined by a venomous legal team looking toContinue reading “Despicable Congresswomen Attempts To Get Diamond & Silk To Commit Perjury.”