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This is Why the Convenience Store Clerk Profiles Blacks: Super Felon Is Shot After Stealing Beer

The list of charges that the suspect had for priors was crazy.  All sorts of violent crime.  One of them being "firing a missile into a dwelling".  Are you kidding me.  The arrogance of this dude is stunning.  I can only imagine how many times he had done exactly the same thing in the past.  Simply walking into a liquor store, grabbing whatever he wanted, and confidently strolling out the place, throwing the beer onto the passenger seat, and quickly driving off.  If you are a female store clerk, or a young kid perhaps, you are going to be terrified of confronting this individual.  He likely knew of the effectiveness of this intimidation tactic, and used it over and over to take whatever he wanted from whomever he wanted to.

Shit finally caught up to this motherfucker, as this store clerk lit his ass up while he attempted to drive off.  I really hope that this store clerk who is being charged with the shooting ends up taking this case to trial.  No jury is going to sentence this guy to any kind of hard time, or any time at all for that matter.

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