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Amazing Photo Showing What Center of Galaxy Physically Looks Like

This Is The Center Of The Milky Way In Its Clearest View Yet... Breathtaking

Jul 16 2018 posted to Space

This Is The Center Of The Milky Way In Its Clearest View Yet… Breathtaking

A mega-telescope gives the clearest breath-taking view of the center of the milky way.

The MeerKAT radio mega-telescope has given us a glimpse of the center of the Milky Way that is stunning. The image reveals the red center in all its glory, showing in clear detail the region around the black hole, some 25,000 light years away.

The MeerKAT Telescope with 64 Dishes is More Sensitive than Any Telescope Before

Galactic Center Meerkat Kat-7

The telescope is a combination of 64 individual dishes with all of them being able to detect radio waves. The MeerKAT radio telescope is situated in South Africa in the Karoo region with it being more sensitive than any other telescope according to Sciencealert. com.

The starling red colors in the image reveal just how bright the radio waves are when the telescope picks them up. They range in color, with the faintest emissions being red, while the stronger of the emissions vary orange, yellow and white. The whole image looks like a photograph from hell with a fiery swirling mass. The telescope has managed to give us a never before seen glimpse of the features in the center of the Milky Way. It also gives a view that is clearer than those offered by other telescopes of the remnants of the supernova along with the star-forming regions.

Galactic Center Radio Arc The

The line at lower left is 240 light years

Long Narrow Filaments Have Been a Riddle For Three Decades

The MeerKAT Telescope Shows Science Capabilities Never Before Seen

Fernando Camilo, the chief scientist of the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory who was responsible for the building along with the operation of the MeerKAT telescope, said:

“We wanted to show the science capabilities of this new instrument. The center of the galaxy was an obvious target: unique, visually striking and full of unexplained phenomena – but also notoriously hard to image using radio telescopes. Although it’s early days with MeerKAT, there is a lot that remains to be optimized, we decided to go for it – and were stunned by the results.”

Scientists are not the only ones who are stunned by the results of the telescope. People alike are amazed at the clarity of the image along with the breath-taking views of the center of the Milky Way.

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