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Andy Cohen Goes “Jim Acosta” When Authorities Pull Umbrella During CNN New Years Eve Coverage

Andy Cohen Goes “Jim Acosta” When Authorities Pull Umbrella During CNN New Years Eve Coverage
December 30, 2018 10:30 PM

Andy Cohen stood up to authority about 80-minutes into CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, when the Times Square Alliance forced him to close up his clear umbrella in the pouring rain.

“Andy has taken a turn,” co-host Anderson Cooper warned viewers of his commercial-break transformation.

“It’s more than drizzling in Times Square,” Cohen complained. “I’m not putting a damper on anything, but I will say this: I had this umbrella. The lady from the Times Square Alliance came over said, ‘You have to get rid of the umbrella’!”

“This has been going on for for an hour and a half,” chuckled Cooper who, like Cohen, was now getting drenched, only Cohen’s jacket had a hood.

“I said I won’t do it,” Cohen told viewers. “I said, ‘Get the paddy wagon, cause that’s what it’s going to take.’ But now they are threatening to pull CNN’s spot from the credentials from Times Square for next year!”

Cooper compared it to the White House pulling Jim Acosta’s credentials when Acosta scolded President Donald Trump and would not turn over his microphone, during Trump’s morning-after-midterms meltdown presser.

Cohen agreed. He then held up the clear umbrella for viewers to see.

“This umbrella is such a threat to the Times Square Alliance?! And what does the Times Square Alliance do besides F with my New Year’s Eve?! So, fine! Univision has their umbrellas over there. We stand with Univision!”C

Cooper reported the Univision reporters in Times Square had been forced to fold up their umbrellas too.

“Oh great!” Cohen groused. “This is some grade A BS!”

“At least you have a hood,” Cooper said, looking at the bright side.

Cohen was comforted:

“I really hope the Times Square Alliance is thrilled that I am now completely soaked. I’ve ruined this coat. it’s like a joke. What do they care about an umbrella. I was so happy before.

“Tweet them!” Cohen urged viewers.

“That’s right. Let’s get America tweeting ‘Let Andy Have His Umbrella,” Cooper joked.

They did. Lots and lots.

Cohen’s umbrella returned briefly, during their interview with Faye Dunaway. After she left, umbrella down.

Greg Halderman
16 hours ago
Such whiny entitled little punks can’t take it and tr to recruit others to fight for them.
Dan Wil
7 hours ago
I don’t understand the danger of a clear see-thru umbrella.
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15 hours ago
They’re both embarrassing to CNN. I’m not sure why they are allowed to stay around. They like to pick on other people and think that it’s fun, exciting and okay. I think it’s really fun, exciting and okay when they get it back. They are both like the bullies in town that like to push everybody around but they don’t like it when they have to follow the rules themselves. Neither one of them report the news, they report their opinions and how they feel. That is exactly why I do not watch CNN anymore. They do not have any real reporters that report the actual news. They are a dead dinosaur.
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15 hours ago
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15 hours ago
What a whiney little knob polisher!!
Joseph Timothy Atkinson
4 hours ago
Such homophobic slurs ! What does sexual orientation have to do with it??
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mike Bordeaux
an hour ago
A couple fàgs on the rag.
Mike Kuhns
2 hours ago
Who cares about these confused girls
Peter Cuddhy
6 hours ago
Put your big boys pants on, stop whining!
Brenda J. Valentin
8 hours ago
What is he worried about his hair getting ruined? GTFO!
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