Hasley Is Obnoxious & Should Have Lost Her Celebrity Card

Instead of being the bigger person (assuming she’s even human) and acting like a professional recording artist on a major label, she reacted like a twelve-year-old old girl would react upon seeing a classmate leave a negative comment about one of her profile pics. She should have lost her career and all her fans forContinue reading “Hasley Is Obnoxious & Should Have Lost Her Celebrity Card”

It Happened Again! Another Sign Language Interpreter Caught Signing Jibberish. Ahhhaha. Bahahaha

What!!!  What kind of mental disorder must a person have to go up to the Chief Of Police of a major city before a high profile press conference so they could offer to stand up there and fake like you are a sign language interpreter ?  I mean. ..HaaaaHaHaHaaaaa.  Ahhhaahahaha. [arve src=”https://v15-maliva.topbuzzcdn.com/video/tos/maliva/tos-maliva-v-0000/23c6ccfab2324987bb18f25fbe357e6c” /]  

What Ever Happened To The Roundhouse Kicking Pro Choice Demonstrator?

This guy is a prime example of how people of varying backgrounds and political beliefs are held to wildly different standards than the rest of us.   The left-leaning mainstream media decided to completely ignore this incident, consiquently handing this guy not one, but a stack of “get out of jail free” cards so he couldContinue reading “What Ever Happened To The Roundhouse Kicking Pro Choice Demonstrator?”

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