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Cop almost starts crying and having nervous breakdown when copwatch guy keeps filming them & following them around non stop

You hear what this fatass pig tries to cry out at the very end of the clip? He cries out something along the lines of “I wanna charge him with obstruction”. This is always the one thing police will resort to when you continue to fail to comply with their unlawful demands. They will claim that you are obstructing their investigation. However when they do not have reasonable and articulatable cause in the first place to detain you and suspect you of committing a crime, that’s B.S. Without this, there is no lawful investigation taking place that you can possibly obstruct. Besides the fact, lawfully failing to provide ID (which is usually the topic of dispute), is not “obstructing” an investigation. An investigation that is not lawful to begin with unless they have observed you committing a crime or have reasonable and articulatable cause and suspicion that you have committed or are going to commit a crime. It’s sickening that at the end of this confrontation the cop makes an attempt to whine that he wants to charge this person with obstruction which is absolutely fucken ridiculous.

Police should never have any objection to being filmed or observed when they’re in public in the line of duty. What on earth could they be doing that they wouldn’t want shown while they are in the public doing their job? Any law abiding decent police officer wouldn’t have a care in the world about being filmed while on duty. Only corrupt loser fat ass pigs who were there to harass citizens, line their pockets, and get high off the power of their badge, would wanna put a stop to the public actually seeing what they do.

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