Opioid Epidemic Examined

THE PRACTICE OF WITHHOLDING OPIOID ADDICTION MEDICATIONS LIKE METHADONE & SUBOXONE AS A LAST RESORT IS OUTRAGEOUS Much of the time, when it is revealed that someone has become physically dependent on opioids, the victim, along with their friends, family, and counselors, want to initially attempt to sustain the persons sobriety without the use ofContinue reading “Opioid Epidemic Examined”

Idiot Doctor Acts Like Bully, Idiot Patient Records It. Doc Fired. All Involved Suck.

https://vv.ipstatp.com/4f4600936c1d8e48ef0ae9e03f516c9d.mp4 This is one of those cases where you have a perfect storm of people who suck ass.  The patient very likely did not need to go to the ER and I can see how a busy doctor might get annoyed when patients like this come into a busy emergency room.  However, as a professionalContinue reading “Idiot Doctor Acts Like Bully, Idiot Patient Records It. Doc Fired. All Involved Suck.”

Lil’ Opioid Crisis. Parody on Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Tekashi 69, all the face tatted benzo addict mumble “rappers”

If 2pac and Biggie saw what the rap game is showcasing as its top stars in 2018 they would spontaneously combust. What happened to these kids in their childhood for them to get turnt out like that? Fuck…This Video epitomizes the new persona these idiots emit. [Lil’ Opioid Crisis] http://www.topbuzz.com/article/i6539397845336719882?user_id=6489212005084300298&language=en&region=us&app_id=1106&impr_id=6540416377214208265&gid=6539397845336719882&c=sys&language=en

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