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Self Burying Hoses

This may seem like an absurd thing to be concerned about, but nobody’s been able to come up with a satisfactory explanation behind why in 1955, all over the United States, garden hoses started burrowing nozzle-first into the ground. One of the first reported incidents came in Downey, California, at the home of George diContinue reading “Self Burying Hoses”

Strange Falling Stones in Raigarh, India – The Fortean Published by Cropster View all posts by Cropster 6-8 minutes Media site reported on March 16, 2019 that mysterious falling stones had been terrorising residents of Raigarh, a district of the state of Chhattisgarh. The report includes an interesting video showing local residents discussing the strange events. While stone-throwing within communities is fairly common acrossContinue reading “Strange Falling Stones in Raigarh, India – The Fortean”