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To All My Dear Friends:

Politics in social media can be polarizing. It can be so divisive. As such, I hope we can all agree to disagree and to never let our differences of opinion or political leanings affect whatever we have.

Let us not allow politics or this 2016 election to dissolve our friendships or diminish the respect we have for one another.

Let us bear in mind: After all and after 2016, it is our family and friends who will be with us in good times & in bad–absolutely, not those politicians.

Politics & Friendship

If my posts & opinions on social media do not sit well with you or irritate you in any way, I will not take offense or feel slighted if you just ‘unfollow’ me instead. Otherwise, you are free to correct any wrong information on my wall or share your own opinion (informed opinion, preferably) for as long as we do not insult each other and resort to personal attacks. 

Some of us (myself included) may be overly affected, if not blinded, by the anger & pain brought about by the economic & political injustice we see & feel daily–not to mention the apathy that some of our government officials consistently display. Few others may be blinded by their loyalty to past or present admin. Many others may simply be ill-informed. With the exception of some political prostitutes (which I detest & which I hope none of my friends here are), I still would like to believe that most of us mean well & want the best for our country and its people–albeit, our differences in perspective. May we meet at that common ground, extend tolerance & understanding– and hopefully, learn from each other.

May we at least try to unite for our common objectives regardless of one’s political leanings:

To get rid of politicians who are well adjusted to corruption, injustice, & incompetence.

To help enlighten the citizenry & together we help rebuild this nation.

So help us, God…By mockingjayphin Current Issues & ConcernsPhilosophy & PoliticsPolitical InsanityPolitics & EntertainmentNovember 6, 2015331 WordsLeave a comment



I’m sharing an old post to remind MYSELF & others–as I, too, can get carried away…

See, many of us (I, included) may be too affected, if not blinded, by the anger & pain as a result of the economic & political injustice we see & feel daily as well as some of our govt officials’ gross incompetence and apathy which we all hate to see–yet we see & hear on almost daily basis. Some may be blinded by their loyalty to past or present admin while many others are simply ill-informed. 

Regardless as to which group above we belong & regardless of our political leanings, let us strive to be more discerning and more informed (not just opinionated)–and yes, more objective & constructive in our criticisms.

Let us try harder not resort to insults & needless personal attacks.

Boy, I really need to remind myself this from time to time:


It’s disheartening & disappointing to realize just how harsh & cruel many of us netizens have become due to politics. I myself have been so critical (and at times may have also been harsh) against many of our politicians who are either corrupt or incompetent–or both. While I understand (and yes, even appreciate to a point) the anger against many of our politicians for their gross misdeeds, gross neglect, & abuses, I however cannot, for the life of me, understand just how some of us have turned out to be extremely spiteful, brutal, nasty, and often times overly judgmental and highly illogical in pointlessly and needlessly attacking potential candidates even for their slightest blunders and insignificant mistakes.

While I shall remain critical & continue to express my thoughts & opinions on matters that I deem important, I certainly do not want to end up among those who seem to have lost their hearts & logic out of anger–or even worse, out of sheer ignorance. If there was ever an instance where I may have been carried away and posted something that personally and pointlessly attacking our politicians, I apologize & shall exert best effort to refrain from doing so from here on.

I ask all my family and friends here to please get involved, stay critical, but try as much to remain objective. Please do not allow yourselves to be used by some spinners and propagandists. Please reserve those anger and criticisms for the things that truly matter—for you and for the people. Please use your time and energy for bigger calls and more noble objectives.

As we continue to weigh who among the potential candidates deserve our trust and support in 2016, let’s highlight both the good and the bad. Let’s share vital information in relation to the candidates’ character, competence, & commitment. Let’s share our own personal but well-informed opinions. Let’s help educate others—so that they may vote wisely. Sure, let’s point-out the negatives of each candidate–and yes, we may even ask others not to support this and that candidate for some reasons, but please, please, let’s refrain from pointlessly attacking our existing and potential leaders unless it’s absolutely necessary. Why? Basically because it is wrong to do so, and second and more importantly, because it will not be good for us and for our country if any of these potential candidates who’ve been harshly attacked and morally wounded eventually gets elected.

My friends, as we continue to get involved and as we remain critical of our government and potential leaders, please let us not turn into the kind of ‘monsters’ we all hate and we ourselves criticize.

We’ve already seen how powerful we ‘netizens’ can be. It’s time we use that ‘power’ for greater and noble cause.

But while we remind ourselves of ‘responsible-netism’, it is equally important to exercise ‘just rage’TO BE ANGRY for the RIGHT REASONS, to the RIGHT PEOPLE, at the RIGHT TIME…By mockingjayphin Current Issues & ConcernsPolitical InsanityNovember 6, 2015683 WordsLeave a comment

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