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Elizabeth Warren’s Economic Policies Leave Only Carnage In Their Wake

It doesn’t take a Rhoades scholar to predict that the fiscal policies that Warren peddles around, would result in absolute catastrophe. However such forsight is unnecessary since we have a relatively recent example of just how useless Warren’s opinions on Economic policy are and have always been. Apparently her contributions to the 2016 Hillary campaignContinue reading “Elizabeth Warren’s Economic Policies Leave Only Carnage In Their Wake”

SCARY! China Shows Off MEGA Aircraft Carrier.

Really big aircraft carriers always fascinated me since they were such glaring examples of tangible military might. Building one of these things is a big deal. Most countries don’t have even a single aircraft carrier. Until recently the U.S. was the only country with multiple carriers. China is showing the U.S. and the rest ofContinue reading “SCARY! China Shows Off MEGA Aircraft Carrier.”