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Eric Swalwell Assigned To Most Cringeworthy Tasks

He could barely stop himself from breaking out in giggles as he cracked a smirk as he quiped to reporters that there was a “scientific concensus” that global warming is a man made threat.

Fast forward to the impeachment hearings and little Eric busts out a spectacularly awkward and unsubstantiated theory that Trump was responsible for the deaths! of Ukranian’s after withholding aide. Yes. Someone told Eric before the hearing that he was chosen to fire-off this dumb-ass new theory that Ukranians were dying as Trump held onto the cash while in the midst of extorting the Ukranian President.

“You can deny this as much as you want. People died in Ukraine at the hands of Russia. And Ukraine … was counting on our support,” Swalwell said.

I think Eric drew the long straw, long ago.

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