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KingFace on the Trump Effect in Black Communities

I’ve never heard of this guy before, but after listening to him in this segment I am now his number one fan.

One area that I do believe we are making positive progress in is the “convincibility” of the black community in coming to the realization that the Democrat party is not for them.

Not only is devoting yourself to the same party by default every year, because of your race, incredibly foolish. But continuing to do so despite their [the Democrat partys’] continued inaction regarding any proactive measure to help their native black citizens.

I would like to thank all African Americans around the country for starting to wake up to the continued bullshit that left-wingers have been feeding them for decades. In order to adequately combat against the damage to this country that Democrats want to inflict, we need more smart, articulate and persuasive young and old black Americans like KingFace to speak out publicly.

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