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Horowitz Gives Wildly Creative Justifications For NOT Concluding Political Bias

I’m constantly seeing our own Federal Law Enforcement coming up with the most creative and over-reaching forms of justification to charge American citizens with a wide array of white and blue collar crimes. Yet when one of their own within the FBI commits egregious acts of illegal conduct with political motivations, this same agency comes up with a similarly creative set of justifications to subsequently not charge them with a crime.

After reading the conclusions that were made in the IG report I am at a loss as to why criminal charges were not recommended for those who fraudulently modified documents that were submitted to a FISA court. If Lisa Page changed documents, she should be charged.

This is the hypocrisy that everyone should be clamoring about. The political bias was bad enough, but it seems even when those lines are crossed, DOJ officials still cover for their own. Even if they may be political adversaries.

That’s what all Americans, (who fundamentally don’t give a darn about these two antiquated and compromised political parties) should be worried about.

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