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karl.mannOct 29 2019Society

Prince Andrew’s friends claim photos with Epstein were fake: report

Oh Andrew. The saddest part about this attempted deceit by Prince Andrew is that both he and a large chunk of the royal-loving British population believe in his actual innocence. Despite the overwhelming damming evidence that’s been put out there. Plus purportedly Andrew is the Queens favorite(.

Prince Andrew's friends claim photos with Epstein were fake: report

It’s nice to see one part of main stream media are keeping the epstein ties alive. The authorities in the UK should be damn ashamed of themselves. Following political agendas and not actually serving the public and investigating the actual criminals that are running the place….. there has been absolutely zero investigating done over it.

Instead the British media is all about politics. Look at the brexit scam…. it does not matter the side your on these imbeciles have already shown you they care not what the people want it’s all what they want and the rich people always stick together.

Government Obey Or Jail School Fail Fashion Minion Da Bob Minions

Prince Andrew enlisted a forensic team to analyze whether two photographs linking the British royal to disgraced financier and alleged human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were doctored as part of an elaborate “stitch-up” scheme, according to a report published Sunday.…

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