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Not Ancient Aliens, Ancient Super Humans

An Extraterrestrial Civilization Existed on Planet Earth Before Us

Published on October 23, 2019

This civilization could have existed 60 million years ago on our planet.

Now, scientists ask for evidence. If you take a look at the history of our planet, you will see how almost 60 million years ago the Earth experienced temperatures warmer than today, so much warmer than the poles of the planet melted.

Many experts said that it was because of global warming caused by a civilization that existed long before humanity.

Professor Frank wonders what would happen if our civilization perishes out of a sudden. Will they find us because of the chemicals we were using? Or maybe some evidence of an ancient civilization existing before them because we have been using fossil fuels?

Even though the existence of an ancient civilization on our planet is just an idea, it indeed raises interesting questions with respect to the cycle of life and how it can work on other extraterrestrial worlds.

For instance, if a civilization uses fossil fuels, the climate change they cause can provoke a large decrease in ocean oxygen levels. The low levels of oxygen can liberate the necessary conditions to make other fossil fuels like oil and coal in the future. So in this sense, a civilization could sow its seed of new

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