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Sandy Hook Video Released By Parents

School shootings: Sandy Hook parents’ haunting video warning Sandy Hook Promise The families of children killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting have put out a haunting video, showing how “back to school essentials” can be used to survive a school shooting. It starts out normally enough, with kids showing off their new bags andContinue reading “Sandy Hook Video Released By Parents”

Corey Lewandowski Hearings Prove DISASTROUS For House Dems.

REPORT: House Dems Totally Bungle Disastrous Lewandowski Hearing Posted on September 18, 2019 by DCWhispers It was as stunning as it was laughable. One incompetent Democrat after another was fully revealed by Corey Lewandowski to be clownish caricatures. It was actually scary how bad they were. These are supposed to be serious people in powerfulContinue reading “Corey Lewandowski Hearings Prove DISASTROUS For House Dems.”