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AOC Shut Down For Extreme Dumbness Yet Again

Oh my goodness this lady is so dumb!!

Miss Alexandria just continues to embarrass herself everytime she opens her mouth during essions and hearings.

Her time was spent proposing what were easily the dumbest questions That Chris man was ever forced to respond to and his professional career.

It was tantamount to explaining the way the law works to a middle school girl who might be writing a paper on domestic terrorism.

She was so proud and arrogant when babbling her questions, seemingly thinking to herself that she had something on the FBI. In her delusional and uneducated mind, she was convinced that she had made the shocking and groundbreaking discovery that there was an inconsistency in the way the law was being applied by the FBI in domestic terror cases.

As she kept repeating the same thing over and over again he patiently tried to explain that there is no domestic terrorism “charge”.

This was a very simple element of his explanation to her and she simply could not grasp this very simple reality.

When she finally realized that she had embarrassed herself with the 1st portion of her attempted assault on the department, she decided to hurl another ridiculous accusation at the FBI. This was the outrageous assertion that the FBI automatically tags a case as a terror case if the assailant happens to be of Muslim origin. He sharply responded that that was in fact patently untrue in every which shape or form.

Alexandria acacio for tez dumbest people to ever grace the floor of the US House of Representatives. Yet she is likely the smartest one Howard of this squad, whom make for great comedy material when they open their mouths.

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