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Nancy Pelosi Just Humiliated Herself With One Mind-Boggling Move

Trending Politics | August 13, 2019. 8:52AM

Shockingly pathetic for the Speaker Of The House of the United States to travel to Central America to attempt to persuade the Guatemalan people and Government to refrain from working with the president on any of his immigration reform programs that he recently implemented there.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been trying her best to stop President Donald Trump from building the wall and securing the border. But she just suffered a massive defeat after making one mind-boggling move.

Pelosi traveled with a congressional delegation to Guatemala and El Salvador to explore the “causes of immigration and possible solutions.”


While speaking to reporters, Pelosi attacked Trump, accused the president of mistreating migrants, and discouraged the Guatemalan government from reaching immigration deals with Trump.

This is a big deal because Pelosi is basically telling Central Americans not to work with the president of the United States.

Without even realizing how humiliating this is for her, Pelosi is completely powerless and is trying to convince foreign powers not to work with Trump on his America First Agenda.

Apparently Pelosi is against the president cracking down on illegal immigration from Central America and elsewhere.

And in recent months, POTUS has already racked up several victories in Central America.

“Under the threat of economic sanctions, Guatemala late last month struck a deal with Trump to make the country a so-called ‘safe third country.’ The accord will require migrants to seek asylum in Guatemala rather than in the United States,” Reuters reports.

“Immigration, one of Trump’s signature issues in the 2016 presidential campaign, is already shaping up as a central issue in the November 2020 election,” concludes Reuters.

This also explains why Pelosi has been pushing impeachment.

Pelosi also knows that there’s not much she can do to stop Trump, which is why she ran to another country in what looks like an attempt to persuade foreign governments not to work with the president on immigration.

Last week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler — Pelosi’s top ally — said Democrats plan to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump for a vote by late fall.

Nadler’s timeline of “late fall” came just days after a majority of House Democrats signaled their support for an impeachment inquiry.

“If we decide to report articles of impeachment, we could get to that late in the fall, in the latter part of the year,” Nadler said.

“I think that we will probably get court decisions by the end of October, maybe shortly thereafter. We’ll have hearings in September and October with people we don’t — witnesses who are not dependent on the court proceedings,” Nadler said.

Pelosi is apparently so powerless that she is using Nadler and others to do her dirty work on pushing impeachment.

With all of this considered, it’s nothing short of pathetic and humiliating for the California Democrat.

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