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Moon Landing Hoax Verification

The Sun – top stories Search Close Filmmaker who was punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin says he has ‘undeniable’ proof moon landings were fakedUK weather forecast – Britain hits 38C on hottest July day ever! How we kept cool from the serious to the sillyCops called to lidos around the country as sunseekersContinue reading “Moon Landing Hoax Verification”

Even Ginsberg Is Strongly Opposed To Supreme Court Judge Seat Increase

Justice Ginsburg Opposes Democrat Court-Packing Plan by Ken Klukowski Breitbart / 2019-07-24 18:57 WASHINTON, DC – Even liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposes Democrat presidential candidates’ Court-packing plan to expand the U.S. Supreme Court with new seats in which to install liberal justices, leaving their party in an awkward position of being too far toContinue reading “Even Ginsberg Is Strongly Opposed To Supreme Court Judge Seat Increase”