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Savagery At Its Most Savage. Blacks Wil’ Out & Punch The Shit Out Of Eachother

This dude is seriously 4 times the size of the girl that he’s seen pummeling repeatedly until bystanders finally intervene and pull him away from the girl before he kills her.

This was one of the more especially savage incidents I’ve seen.

This was all done in broad daylight smack in the middle of freaking Disney. And all over a place in line apparently. However these fights never usually result from the initial transgression (in this case line- cutting). They end up escalating because of percieved “disrespect” of themselves or their children.

Another example of “When keeping it real goes wrong”. Is people were willing to risk serious injury and jail time just to settle a perceived disrespectful action towards them in public.

This is why blacks are followed around by security and staff when in public places of commerce and leisure.

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