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Kamala Is The Worst

I saw it from the very beginning of the year one AMS NBC decided to artificially start propping up candidate kamel Harris. Early on in the candidate process they inexplicably begin speaking on her as if she was this high polling well light early prospect for the presidential field. However when you looked at the Earth will raw data of what were the polling numbers at the time she was barely even register in period. Fairly even registering to the extent that she had no business even being displayed as a name on the screen. However The pundits nevertheless fond all over Herm as one of their early picks to 1 at all.

One of the reasons this irks me so much is because she is such a talentless virtue signaling clown. Even when I may disagree with the policies touted by lefty politicians, you can still perceives the difference between the talented and the talentless and she is surely the latter.

She virtue signals and moans and groans every chance she gets about how she’s black and a woman and will make sure to fight for all her perceived marginalized victims of the patriarchial colonists. She’s woke.

I don’t want to hear or see her annoying, uncharismatic, talentless ass-clown ass act during what should otherwise be a very entertaining presidential race. However MSNBC seems to have put all their chips behind her, seemingly guaranteeing she will be right in it until the very end of nomination.

Why they chose to do this and begin backing her so very early [NBC ‘prediction’ 2018] is beyond me. She sucks and epitomizes my greatest fears as to how I don’t want the world to end up.

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