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Very Creepy Reptillian Statues Found In Diamond Mine In Sierra Leone

Ancient History


Jun 24 2019 by quigley

What are the Nomoli figures and where did they come from?

An amazing set of stone figures were discovered by locals in Sierra Leone, Africa when they were searching for diamonds. These remarkable figures depict several human races, and in some cases, semi-human beings. Despite the futuristic nature of these figures, they are thought to be extremely old with some experts putting their originals back as far as 17,000 BC.

Nomoli Figures Figurine Sierra Leone
Some statues depict a human body with a lizard head.

That said, there are a few features of the figures that suggest they were made by people who would have been considered highly advanced for its time. In particular, the high melting temperatures that would have had to have been used to create them, as well as the presence of steel manipulated into perfect spheres, which are both signals that whoever made these, however long ago, were very knowledgable and had great expertise in the field. These statues, called Nomoli statues, have brought up a lot of interesting questions such as how and when they were made, and also why they were made in the first place.

Nomoli Figures Figurine Sierra Leone
Researchers have concluded that the metal spheres were made of both chromium and steel.

Nomoli Purpose

These ancient statues are said to have formed parts of several ancient legends in Sierra Leone. The ancient people believed that angels had once lived in the heavens and as a punishment for bad behavior, God turned the angels into humans sent them to live on Earth.

So how does this tie in with the figures? The Nomoli figures have believed to serve as a representation of the angels turned into humans. They also serve as a reminder of how they were banished from the heavens and sent to Earth to live as mortal beings.

Reptilian Statues Humanoid Extraterrestrial Life
Some figures were discovered at depths of 50 metres.

Another legend says that the statues represent the former kings and chiefs of the Sierra Leone region and that the local Temne people would perform ceremonies during which they would treat the figures as if they were the ancient leaders.

There are plenty of legends and beliefs about what these figures are and why they were made. While these legends do give some insight into the statues, there are still so many unanswered questions. There is quite a lot of variation with each figure in terms of height, shape, and features. It’s likely that no one will ever know for sure why these figures existed or why they were made, not even how they were made.

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