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US man says he ran over 11-year-old girl ‘because she was white’ – police

Steven Becky has admitted deliberately running over an 11-year-old girl.

Photo credit: Utah County Sheriff’s Office

A US man says he intentionally ran over an 11-year-old girl on Friday (local time) “because she was white”, according to police.

Steven Becky was driving down the wrong side of a road in the state of Utah when he started driving at the girl, before hitting her with his front bumper, charging documents say.

ABC reports the girl was thrown into a nearby front yard by the impact of the crash, and was seriously injured.

Becky then got out of the car, which had rolled upside down, and told the girl “we all have to die sometime”, a witness told police.

Police said the ordeal was filmed on a nearby security camera.

It is alleged Becky attempted to flee the scene, before being detained by a witness until authorities arrived, ABC reports.

Police allege Becky had been using xanax and marijuana. He’s been charged with attempted murder and driving under the influence.


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