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This Is Today’s Reality: Google Censors Video Exposing Google

Google Censors Video Exposing Google

Google-owned Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki
Kimberly White /Getty



Google-owned video platform YouTube took down a video from Project Veritas showing a senior employee at the company appearing to admit that the company plans to interfere in the next presidential election to stop Donald Trump.

The video, which is still available on the Project Veritas website featured undercover footage of a top Google employee, Jen Gennai, stating that the company shouldn’t be broken up because only they can prevent the “next Trump situation.”

Via the video:

Elizabeth Warren is saying we should break up Google. And like, I love her but she’s very misguided, like that will not make it better it will make it worse, because all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it’s like a small company cannot do that.

This corroborates other leaks from Google. Earlier this year, former Google software engineer Mike Wacker published emails appearing to show that a manager at the tech giant told one of their subordinates that the company had to stop “fake news” and “hate speech” because “that’s how Trump won.”

James O’Keefe urged viewers to download the video and repost it to ensure it could not easily be censored.

And last year, Breitbart News published confidential footage from inside Google showing the company’s head of global affairs, Kent Walker, stating his intention to make the populist-nationalist movement represented by Donald Trump a “blip” or “hiccup” in history.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe reported on Twitter earlier today that the journalistic outlet received a privacy complaint on its YouTube videos. “Privacy” is the same excuse used by the tech giant for taking down a video about one of Veritas’ earlier stories, about anti-Christian bias at image platform Pinterest.

Google did not respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News.

Are you a source at YouTube or any other corporation who wants to confidentially blow the whistle on wrongdoing or political bias at your company? Reach out to Allum Bokhari securely at

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News.

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