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[ALIEN STAR] 9 Most Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

9 Most Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

Scientists discover many artifacts they cannot make sense of. Either they can’t figure out the period they belong to or they just don’t seem to fit with official records.

20.000 years-old Electrical Transformer Built in a Stone

This transformer was found by the photographer and researcher Ismet Smaili in the mountains of Kosovo. What is interesting is that the coils of this transformer are embedded into a stone, but in such a way that is making a common body with the stone. The coils are made from high purity copper.

Antikythera Mechanism:

This artifact, in particular, looks like some kind of device from the future even though it is more than 2000 years old. It was found in a Greek cargo ship and it is made of bronze together with a complex system of 30 hand-cut gears.

Ancient Screw:

For as long as we know, the use of screws dates back from more than 1500 years, however, they may have been used long before humans were known to exist.

Coin from Parallel Universe:

A construction team from Mexico found an unusual coin. They took that coin to the University to get it examined. The coin’s inscriptions are: Nueva Alemania (New Germany), the Year 2029, Alles in einer nation (All in one nation), Independencia y Libertad (Independence and Freedom)

Ancient Hammer:

If we think logically, the hammer had to exist before the rock in order for the rock to form around the hammer.

Three-Pronged Plug:

In 1998, John Williams discovered an electrical plug out of the ground while skiing. Probably it was used with the 20.000 years-old Electrical Transformer Built in a Stone?

Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus:

The city of Thonis-Heracleion is mentioned many times in ancient texts, however many believed the existence of this city was just pure fiction. That is because the city was, in fact, hiding underwater.

The Genetic Disk:

This is one of the most striking discoveries. It was found by Jaime Gutierrez in Colombia. Is a little 27-centimeters disk, and we know little about its origin.

The Crimean Underground Pyramid:

It discovered accidentally by Vitaly Goh in 2001, authorities were apparently not interested in this discovery, but shortly after they covered up everything and silenced Vitaly’s team.

These are only a few of the amazing unexplained recent discoveries and artifacts that blow your mind.


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