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Conservatives Censored On YouTube

Photo by Peter Duke

The corporate media — including social media — are now engaged in a full-fledged and collusive attempt to silence conservative voices in time for the 2020 election. On Sunday, just as YouTube was threatening to pull down thousands of “hateful” (i.e. conservative) videos, the New York Times printed a breathless and idiotic piece supposedly charting a YouTube viewer’s descent into right-wing radicalism.

Daily Wire TV

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Bette Midler Faces Backlash For Tweeting Fake Trump Quote

How radical did this poor radical soul get from watching conservative videos? Well, okay, he “never bought into the far right’s most extreme views, like Holocaust denial or the need for a white ethnostate… “ But, “he began referring to himself as a ‘tradcon’ — a traditional conservative, committed to old-fashioned gender norms. He dated an evangelical Christian woman, and he fought with his liberal friends.”

The horror. The horror.

This suspiciously timed piece — clearly designed to give cover to YouTube’s censorship plan — featured a collage of faces of right-wing radicals. These included such raving hate-filled alt-right evil-doers as mild-mannered gay centrist Dave Rubin and of course Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro — whom various left-wing outlets have repeatedly identified as the one and only orthodox Jewish Nazi in all the universes!

But while branding Dave and Ben alt-right may be absurd, it’s not unintentional. It is part of a strategy. 1. Convince people that hate speech should be silenced. 2. Define hate speech as alt-right. 3. Label powerful mainstream conservatives “alt-right.” 4. Silence powerful mainstream conservatives.

And if you don’t think the effort is collusive — if not by conspiracy at least by conformist sympathy — consider the case of James O’Keefe, the journalistic gadfly of Project Veritas.

O’Keefe recently exposed anti-conservative censorship at social media outlet Pinterest. Pinterest execs were listing pro-life website Live Action as porn in order to ban it, and foiling searches for PJMedia and — wait for it — that tireless doer of wickedness Shapiro. And when O’Keefe exposed the practice, he was temporarily banned from Twitter and his video removed from YouTube.

Social media censored a conservative for proving that social media was censoring conservatives!

Again, one doesn’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to understand that all this is strategic. The internet and its various platforms broke the monopoly on information once controlled by huge corporations, almost all of which lean left. It democratized the spread of information, creating venues for independent voices, many of them on the right. That was fine with our elite overlords for a while because the left still managed to silence people through demonization and bullying. People don’t like being called racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic and so on, especially if it might cost them their jobs. Like the family in the film A Quiet Place, those with conservative leanings learned to live in silence lest the beasts come after them.

But then along came Donald Trump — rude, boorish and completely indifferent to whatever names they called him. Trump said things people were afraid to say and gave others the feeling they could say them too. When Trump actually pulled off his upset victory, the left knew this freedom of speech thing had gone way too far.

The first stage of Operation Don’t Speak was the “fake news” controversy manufactured by Google-funded organization First Draft, and boosted by leftwing conniver David Brock, with assists from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The object of the fake news panic was to convince social media to install left-wing hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center to curate material — i.e. censor conservatives. The move was successful.

But as 2020 approaches and Trump continues to expose our corrupt press and reach the people, panic is beginning to set in and the next phase of Operation Don’t Speak is in play: a massive and collusive move to define mainstream right-wing speech as hateful and shut it down.

What conservatives have to understand is that this is the central fight we’re in. This is where the battle for the soul of the future is taking place. We have to remember that we are not just on the right, we are in the right. And if we allow ourselves to be silenced — if we allow ourselves to be frightened — if we start to watch our words or apologize for faked misunderstandings or dial back our humor or throw our friends overboard when they misspeak, we lose.

We lose because we have allowed the left to set the terms of the debate.

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