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A Conservative In Hiding

A Conservative In Hiding

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Adam Schiff Needs To Resign And The Democrat Party Needs To Get A Grip.


By. Jerry Derecha | A Conservative In Hiding

If the Dems want to regain the trust of the American people and ever expect to be taken seriously again, they need to clean house. That starts with the head chef of the big fat juicy “nothing burger”, known by the mainstream media as “Trump-Russia Collusion”. This fabricated trash narrative has been getting shoveled in front of the American people since 2016. Lead Commander in this shit shoveling campaign against the president is a little dweeb known as California State Representative Adam Schiff(D/CA).

I think we know where Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park got their inspiration for Mr. Mackey.

This well known Liberal swamp monster arrogantly expected Robert Mueller to deliver a criminal indictment on the president after submitting gidd report. Indictments that could have only been based on the exceedingly dishonest intelligence information Obama era operatives had been using to garner all those F.I.S.A. warrants used to spy on the Trump campaign. Warrants that are now under intense scrutinization by Attorney General Barr.

This is one of my main points of contention I have with the Democrat party and the left in general. There was never a single scenario in which Dems would have accepted Trumps election as legitimate. American citizens expect their elected representatives to actually go to work for them on Capitol Hill. Not fuel a crusade towards impeachment that has little merit to begin with.

Yet Dems, lead by Adam Schiff, have been foaming at the mouth to initiate impeachment proceedings ever since Hildog suffered her shocking defeat that historic November evening. A defeat that was especially jarring for Adam, as it deprived him of a shot at being appointed F.B.I. director. *An appointment he had intensely coveted. *(Trey Gowdy, SEE VIDEO BELOW).Adam Schiff gets skewered by Trey Gowdy.

You have to put this in context with just how debasing this must have been for poor Adam. He had assumed his new digs as F.B.I. director along with a Clinton victory were a done deal. So when none other than the antithesis of liberal moral correctness, THE Donald Trump, assumed power of the executive branch, he didn’t take it well.

Rather than acknowledging a dually elected president. Adam and the rest of the Democrat party lost their minds and began lashing out with wild conspiracy theories alleging a deep seated connection between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

This new reality for Adam and his liberal elitists cohorts felt more like a deprivation their liberal priviledge than a valid election result. Most Democrat liberal elitists have such raging moral superiority complexes that they do the mental gymnastics necessary to justify propogating fraudulent information to the American people. Resulting in the now famous debunked narrative of a Russia-Trump conspiratorial relationship.

Leftists have made it clear that this is all out war. Their followers subscribing to the montra that the “ends justify the means”. The “means” in this case involved criminally using the D.O.J. as the antidote to Trump’s rising success in his bid for the presidency in 2016. When none of these schemes were effective and Trump won anyway, that’s when the temper tantrums began.

The 2016 Presidential election results were simply not going to be accepted as valid as far as Adam Shiff and the rest of the “DemoCrapic” party was concerned. The Obama D.O.J. relentlessly weaponized one Justice Department mechanism after another to try to thwart the Trump campaigns’ bid for the presidency. These assaults came from a variety of angles and used an array of different tactics, including, but not limited to, the following acts of federal election interference and criminal misconduct .

  • Obama White House officials were successful in illegally unmasking the identities of over 200 American Citizens, trampling on their Constitutional protections. They achieved this by ascertaining and using a foreign ambassadors login credentials that were capable of querying this kind of sensitive personal data(this was a result of the stealing of her login info, according to the ambassador at least).
  • Trump Jr. was entrapped into meeting with a D.N.C./ John Brennan C.I.A. asset posing as a Russian reporter to attempt to get him to buy into using dirt they claimed to have on Clinton, a ruse he did not fall for. *Adam Schiff fell for this same ruse when pranked by a Russian radio station.
  • Eric Holder & James Comey had their prosecutors introduce new information into a F.I.S.A. warrant application. Information they knew to be false. This 3rd application came after being rejected twice previously for the warrant due to insufficient predication. This application was approved, thus allowing the Justice Department to use this illegally obtained warrant to spy on one Carter Page. By spying on Carter Page, who was working for the Trump campaign at the time, they were given a backdoor into spying on the Trump Campaign itself. This was of course their primary agenda and this illegally predicated electronic surveillance is direct evidence of the Justice Department being weaponized to thwart a political opponent during an election. This subsequent surveillance on Page also failed to reveal any evidence of any misconduct within the Trump campaign itself.
  • One of the most candid admissions to this anti-Trump conspiracy came from the transcripts of subpoenaed text messages revealed between F.B.I. agent (2nd in charge at the F.B.I & head of the Clinton email investigation) Peter Strok and F.B.I. lawyer Lisa Page. Messages that show Strok bragging to his secret lover(Page), proclaiming that he(Strok) will “[sic] stop Trump from becoming president” and that they “[sic] had an insurance policy” to thwart Trumps chances of keeping the presidency in event he was actually elected.

Circa April 2019 and the Mueller Report is finally released in its redacted entirety, and lol and behold, Mueller says there was no collusion and there would be no indictments against the president. So what does Adam Schiff do? Not surprisingly we see him throwing a damn hissy fit on Capitol Hill because Trump was not persecuted for transgressions that were literally fabricated out of thin air from D.N.C. operatives and various agents within the Obama White House.

This is after Adam has:

  • Recklessly leaked countless pieces of highly classified and highly sensitive material to the press to aide and further the political agenda of the Democrat party.
  • Colluded with a Russian citizen on the phone to obtain nude pictures of Trump. Pictures they claimed were being used as blackmail material that Putin was holding over Trumps head. Unfortunately for Adam, this all ended up being a hoax on a Russian radio station, and dummy-boy Adam actually fell for it. Incredibly they were successful in playing into his gullibility and eagerness to latch onto anything that might reinforce his own personal assumptions. A weak spot for Adam stemming from his constant assertions he had always made that Putin must have had something on Trump that he’s been holding over his head. All this despite no evidence to substantiate this claim. Adam actually bought this nonsense and colluded with a Russian national to obtain materials about a political adversary. Collusion!
  • Adam also not-so-secretly met with the C.E.O. of Fusion GPS, Glen Simpson, immediately before Simpsons testimony to Congress. Fusion GPS was the company that was a primary source of the junk information used in the dossier for the 3rd F.I.S.A. warrant application. A warrant application that the judge later granted. This meeting with Simpson and Schiff took place on Aspen Mountain, in Aspen Colorodo immediately before Simpsons testimony to the House Intelligence Committee. Adam was coincidentally a ranking member of this congressional committee. I’m not sure how this can’t be seen as a blatant and clear act of witness tampering. Tampering of a hearing over an issue that was, and still is violently politically polarizing! How did that alone not get him thrown off the House Intelligence Committee?
  • In a case of dejavu, Mr. Schiff audaciously met with Michael Cohen before his circus show/public testimony to Congress in yet another clear act of witness tampering. A meeting with Schiff and his aides that Cohen freely admitted to when questioned by Rep. Jim Jordan (R/OH), saying that he and Schiff talked about “…a variety of topics” for 12 hours directly before appearing before Congress.

The American people need to see what really happened here. Powerful Democrat leaders were the ones who hoaxed this whole Russia collusion nonsense, taking this country for a very divisive ride. They attempted to setup the Trump campaign on multiple occasions and failed on every attempt. Despite this failure, they still moved forward with their smear campaign and attempted to paint the president as a Russian agent. Unbelievable…

I think we all dodged a bullet by depriving Mr. Schiff of his post as F.B.I. director, and need to follow through with depriving him of his current gig as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

THANKS FOR READING: The best thing we can do to stop the deep state and eliminate these Liberal bullies is to stop voting Democrat until the party cleans itself up.

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