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The Witches Pond of Romania

The Witches Pond of Romania

The Witches Pond of Romania

Located in the Boldu-Creteasca Forest near Bucharestthere is a mysterious pond called The Witches Pond. This algae layered pond having a diameter of only 5 m and has many mysterious, legends and tales of ghosts surrounding it. The Witches Pond is named for the many witches who gather in the area. It has become a very popular place for Romanian witches as well as others from all over the world who have made the pilgrimage to visit the powerful pond. Also known as the place where Vlad the Impaler was decapitated, this locale is a small place filled with sorcery.

Witches perform their rituals there each year during the Saznienele celebration in June which keep the mysterious Witches’ Pond alive. The pond is rumored to contain great energy that causes any spell to be cast near it to cast successfully. This is why the site is popular amongst the Wiccan and why it is visited on sacred celebration days.

Many people have experience unexplainable phenomena in the vicinity of the Witches Pond and many others visit this sacred site to specifically seek out its supposed natural power. It is not a popular site for Romanian locals to visit and many believe that the pond’s water is cursed.

It is said that after the 1977 earthquake many trucks unloaded debris in the pond, with the aim of stoppering it. Within weeks, the debris disappeared in its waters, although the pond has a depth of only one meter and a half. Locals say that many times when pregnant women didn’t want the child went to the pond, bathed and ridded the pregnancy. Even the animals would be scared of this place: there would be no frog or any being that lives in the pond, and the animals don’t drink water from there.

Near the center of the pond have been reported over time strange phenomena, like globular lightnings or storms started and disappeared suddenly. The pond never change, doesn’t dry, doesn’t expand, whether it rains or is drought

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