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Navy Seals Save Teens From Human Trafficking

A Team Of Former U.S. Navy Seals Saves Teens From Trafficking Human trafficking is one of those topics that’s not many people like to talk about or even acknowledge that it exists. The fact is, it still happens, even today. In fact, in 2016 alone, the National Human Trafficking Hotline fielded 7,621 cases of reportedContinue reading “Navy Seals Save Teens From Human Trafficking”

Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given [NYT OPINION]

For me it’s, “Discipline = Freedom”. A few years ago, I crowdsourced an entire book, called “The World According to Twitter.” Every night for 100 nights, I tweeted a provocative question; I published the best responses. (Sample question: “Supply the subject line of an email you really, really don’t want to open.” Sample answer, fromContinue reading “Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given [NYT OPINION]”